Recovery reimagined.

The six weeks following Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery are crucial to a patient’s recovery. During this time, unable to drive to their physiotherapist appointments, they must begin the process of rehabilitation at home.

As a practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Matthew Liptak felt having the patient manage their rehabilitation themselves could increase the risk of sub-optimal outcomes. And despite the operation becoming increasingly common, there was a lack of formal guidelines worldwide in terms of patient recovery.

So in 2012, Dr Liptak set about developing a solution – MAXM Skate which is TGA approved.

MAXM Skate 3x

This simple yet highly sophisticated device includes a skate and rope which a patient uses for early assisted active motion and resistance training in the comfort of their home.

And when linked to the TGA-approved MAXM Watch and MAXM App, it collects and records data which allows the patient and their health team to monitor the patient’s progress and adjust their program accordingly.

MAXM Skate Exercise