Skate Package

The MAXM Skate Package is one of the world’s leading evidence-led rehabilitation solutions for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) patients.

What makes the package unique is its combination of tangible and technology-based components. Together, they deliver an unparalleled patient experience during in-home rehab recovery by providing ongoing data tracking and vital patient/practitioner connection.

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Maxm Skate Package

MAXM Skate

The MAXM Skate is a simple, yet highly sophisticated medical device that has TGA approval. The Skate facilitates early, purposeful and monitored patient rehabilitation after a total, revised or partial knee replacement surgery.

The MAXM Skate allows patients to perform low to high load strengthening exercises with minimal joint loading during their rehabilitation period. The skate, along with a sensor (MAXM Watch) and integrated mobile application (MAXM App) enables the patient and health team to visually measure improvements in range of movement.

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MAXM Skate Decline


The MAXM App is TGA approved and has been developed to be used in conjunction with the MAXM Watch (sensor) to guide patients through a range of specifically developed rehabilitation exercises. It includes instructional videos for each activity and captures and reports exercise frequency and range of motion for each. Results are immediately accessible by a patients’ health team and can be used for monitoring progress and providing feedback.

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MAXM App 2

MAXM Watch

The MAXM Watch is the most recent addition to the MAXM Skate Package and is designed to heighten the patient recovery experience. What makes it truly revolutionary is that it is one of the only devices of its kind to gain TGA approval and the watch acts as the sensor for ROM.

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